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3Pii UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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Rodion Amin is the data protection representative for 3Pii UG (limited liability) and responsible for the content.

Joerg Siemes

Joerg Siemes
Joerg is a business & marketing innovator who is passionate about delivering effective results.
He began his career in the 1990s as an Internet manager and cross-media project manager, before moving on to management positions in marketing, sales, and as a business unit manager at companies such as Océ and Canon, where he achieved sustained success in rapidly changing markets.
As an executive & leadership team coach and pro bono start-up mentor, he shares and expands his knowledge of many industries, trends and challenges.

Rodion Amin

Rodion Amin
Rodion is a business and marketing innovator who has always brought his passion to his respective environment.
He started in the 90’s as a project manager in the new media segment, and then developed into management positions, around branding and marketing, in corporations such as Océ, Canon and Kyocera.
Rodion Amin has found business relationships – as a service provider, employee, customer, and also as a member of society – to be an inspiring foundation for what he does today.